Short Code

A short code is a special number that is much shorter than normal mobile numbers. Short Code works with Keyword. Keyword is a unique word which is assigned to the short code number for e.g. if your company name is ABC Ltd and you took a keyword say ABC on our short code, when your customers send an SMS from any mobile with message ABC and space, they will get a automatic instant reply which is set by you.

We currently have dedicated short codes: 56161

Short Code Service Details :

  • Your Own Keyword
  • Real Time URL Forwarding for all Incoming Messages
  • Detailed Reports via Excel File
  • Direct Connectivity with SMSC for instant receiving
  • Estimated SMS Receiving & Processing Time: 10-20 Seconds
  • Customized Auto Reply SMS
  • Validity/Tenure One Year

All SMS to our Short Code with your Keyword can be forwarded to your URL or you can check the response sms detail in ours panel login.

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