Bulk WhatsApp Marketing

There are many problems today with marketing through SMS like DND numbers and high charges of international messages. To overcome the problem we have came with the totally new concept of WhatsApp Marketing.

Bulk WhatsApp Marketing Suite is basically the most robust solution available which allows you to send mass WhatsApp Messages with text, image, video, GPS Location & contact files based messages on WhatsApp to hundreds & thousands of WhatsApp users anywhere in the world! All completely free! Well, that’s because you can communicate on WhatsApp for free. And our Bulk WhatsApp Suite Software allows you to broadcast message and reach your prospects & customers WhatsApp Inbox on a mass level only with a click of few buttons.

We introduce to you the latest bulk WhatsApp marketing package which enables you to send messages to unlimited number of WhatsApp users globally without getting banned. With the help of this WhatApp bulk message.

Our Bulk WhatsApp Marketing Service can be catered using our web-based panel which allows you to create new users/retailers as well as resellers under your own reseller web panel.

Bulk WhatsApp Features :

  • Our each message support 2000 characters
  • You pay for those message only which is accepted by your recipients. i.e. WhatsApp credit deducted only for delivered messages.(Delivery ratio 85 to 90%)
  • You can send upto 10 Lac messages in a day
  • Bulk WhatsApp panel supports for each campaign minimum 1,000 to maximum 1,00,000 mobile numbers upload
  • Entire interface is build Considering the customer edge
  • You can upload mobile numbers in .csv file format
  • Panel accept duplicate mobile numbers, Please remove duplicate numbers before the campaign
  • WhatsApp Web Panel will accept .jpg, .png image format and maximum image size is 5 MB
  • WhatsApp Web Panel will accept .avi, .mp4, .mov video format and maximum video size is 10 MB
  • Online report available with 90% accuracy
  • All language supported
  • No refund policy
  • Online support
Now you can buy Bulk WhatsApp which is a tool by which you can send unlimited WhatsApp Messages/Images/Audios/Videos/vCards to many people at once on a single click at affordable price.

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